A tribute to the classic 1970s BBC comedy series set in the fictional Fawlty Towers hotel in Torquay on the English Riviera starring John Cleese (Basil Fawlty), Prunella Scales (Sybil Fawlty), Connie Booth (Polly) and Andrew Sachs (Manuel).

The main cast of Fawlty Towers

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Mr and Mrs Fawlty, Polly and Manuel
Basil Fawlty Sybil Fawlty Polly Sherman Manuel
Basil Fawlty played by John Cleese Sybil Fawlty played by Prunella Scales Polly played by Connie Booth Manuel played by Andrew Sachs

The other regulars

These are the other regular characters who appeared in most of the episodes, a full cast list for each individual episode can be found at the end of each episode's own page.

Major Gowen played by Ballard Berkeley

Major Gowen in the Fawlty Towers lounge bar

The absent-minded retired Major could often be found doddering around the hotel (usually the bar) mumbling about more strikes or cricket. The character of the Major was based on Captain Lancaster, John's Latin teacher at prep school. Ballard Berkeley died in 1988 at the age of 84. I guess you could say he had a good innings. A great character who was just as big a cricket fan in real life as The Major was.

Ballard Berkeley now has his own tribute page on this site.

Terry the Chef played by Brian Hall

Photo of Terry the chef played by the late Brian Hall

The character of Terry was introduced into the second series. Brian was diagnosed with cancer and died in 1997 at the age of 59. His numerous other television credits usually featured him playing the chirpy cockney man that he played so well.

Miss Gatsby and Miss Tibbs

Miss Gatsby and Miss Tibbs of Fawlty Towers

Miss (Abitha) Tibbs played by Gilly Flower and Miss (Ursula) Gatsby played by Renee Roberts. The pair of them were permanent residents of Fawlty Towers and often the subject of Basil's sarcasm. As far as I'm aware their first names are only mentioned once and that was in The Builders in which they refer to each other by their first names. No one else ever used their first names.

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Dozens of other guest stars helped to make the show a classic, they have all been compiled into an A to Z directory of the Fawlty Towers guest stars.