Everyone remembers Basil, Sybil and the rest of the regular “staff”, but how many of the guest stars can you remember? Who were the two foolish enough to come back for another stay at the hotel from hell? Most of the guest stars, many of whom actually played hotel guests, were the target of Basil's incivility (or should that be in-Sybil-ity?). Many had other TV credits to their name, some were household names at the time.

All the guest stars who appeared in Fawlty Towers

Here they all are, listed in A–Z order… their real name, the characters they played, and the episode they appeared in (see key — right). Some of the actor/actress names are linked to a page with further information.

Trevor Adams — Bill Bradley
Actor/Actress Character Name in Fawlty Towers Episode
Adams, Trevor Alan WP
Alexander, Denyse Kitty (Friend of the Fawltys) TA
Appleby, James Stubbs (the capable builder) TB
Arnold, Robert Arthur (Friend of the Fawltys) TA
Benson, Elizabeth Mrs Heath (Guest) GN
     " "         " "     Mrs White(Guest) KC
Bergmayr, Lisa German Guest TG
Bickford-Smith, Imogen Mr Johnson’s girlfriend TP
Bird, Norman Mr Arrad (Guest) WS
Boa, Bruce Mr Hamilton (American guest fond of Waldorfs) WS
Bowman, Willy German Guest TG
Bradley, Bill Mr MacKintosh (guest) CP
Peter Brett — Bernard Cribbins
Actor/Actress Character Name in Fawlty Towers Episode
Brett, Peter Brian HI
Buchner, Pamela Miss Young KC
Caldicott, Richard Mr Twitchen (Invited to Gourmet Night) GN
Campbell, Ken Roger (Friend of the Fawltys) TA
Conoley, Terence Mr Wareing (Guest) TC
     " "         " "     Mr Johnston (Guest) WS
Cossins, James Mr Walt (Guest who sells outboard motors) HI
Cowling, Brenda Ward Sister TG
Cribbins, Bernard Mr Hutchinson (SSsspppooons salesman) HI
Michael Cronin — Dorothy Frere
Actor/Actress Character Name in Fawlty Towers Episode
Cronin, Michael Lurphy (Builder) TB
Cuthbertson, Allan Colonel Hall (Invited to Gourmet Night) GN
Davenport, Claire Mrs Wilson TG
Davies, Richard Mr White KC
Dawes, Anthony Mr Libson WS
Delamain, Aimee Mrs Johnson TP
Dorman, Barney Kerr (one of O’Reilly’s builders) TB
Ellis, June Mrs Johnston (Guest) WS
Ellis, Robin Danny Brown (Cockney riff-raff detective) TC
Franklyn, Sabina Quentina BR
Frere, Dorothy Miss Hare (Elderly guest) WS
Iris Fry — David Kelly
Actor/Actress Character Name in Fawlty Towers Episode
Fry, Iris Mrs Sharp TG
Gilan, Yvonne Mrs Peignoir (French woman who fancies Basil) WP
Gillan, Dan German Guest TG
Gray, Elspet Dr (Mrs) Abbott (Guest) TP
Gwynn, Michael "Lord" Melbury (Confidence trickster) TC
Halsey, Michael Jones (one of O’Reilly’s builders) TB
Henson, Basil Dr Abbott (Guest) TP
Henson, Nicky Mr Johnson TP
Hume, Roger Reg (Friend of the Fawltys) TA
Huntley-Wright, Betty Mrs Twitchen (Invited to Gourmet Night) GN
Kane, Nick German Guest TG
Keen, Pat Virginia (Friend of the Fawltys) TA
Kelly, David Mr O'Reilly (Owner of O'Reilly's Builders) TB
Diana King — Claire Neilson
Actor/Actress Character Name in Fawlty Towers Episode
King, Diana Mrs Rachel Lloyd WP
Lang, Melody Mrs Taylor BR
Lankesheer, Robert Mr Thurston (guest) CP
Lawrence, John Mr Sharp TG
Lee, George Delivery Man who delivers the gnome TB
     " "        " "     Mr Kerr (Delivery man who brings vase) CP
Mahoney, Louis Doctor TG
McBain, Robert Mr Xerxes KC
McKeown, Charles Mr Ingrams KC
Maranne, Andre Andre the Restaurateur GN
Marten, Len Un-named guest KC
Mason, Raymond Mr Zebedee KC
Morris, Geoffrey John HI
Neill, Jay Un-named guest in bar WP
Neville, David Ronald BR
Nielson, Claire Mrs Hamilton (wife of loud American guest) WS
Tony Page — Derek Royle
Actor/Actress Character Name in Fawlty Towers Episode
Page, Tony The Heath's son (Young guest) GN
Palmer, Geoffrey Dr Price (always hunting for sausage) KC
Pascoe, Mervyn Mr Yardley (guest) CP
Peters, Luan Raylene Miles TP
Phillips, Conrad Mr Lloyd WP
Plytas, Steve Kurt the Greek Chef GN
Pugh, Mavis Mrs Chase (Elderly guest with small dog) KC
Quarmby, John Mr Carnegie (The scavenger gourmet) BR
Royle, Derek Mr Leeman (Guest who became the corpse!) KC
Joan Sanderson — Martin Wyldeck
Actor/Actress Character Name in Fawlty Towers Episode
Sanderson, Joan Mrs Alice Richards (deaf old bat guest) CP
Segal, Jeffrey Mr Heath (Guest) GN
Shannon, Johnny Mr Firkins CP
Shaw, Beatrice Miss Gurke (Elderly guest) WS
Shaw, Christine Audrey (Friend of Sybil) TA
Sherwin, Stuart Un-named Guest BR
Simeon, David Mr Mackenzie (Guest) TC
Stubbs, Una Alice (Friend of the Fawltys) TA
Tanner, Stella Mrs Arrad (Guest) WS
Taylor, James Mr Taylor BR
Walker, April Jean Wilson WP
Way, Ann Mrs Hall (Invited to Gourmet Night) GN
Wheeler, Lionel Mr Watson TC
Wyldeck, Martin Sir Richard Morris (Guest) TC
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