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Which of these is the correct fictional address of Fawlty Towers? — mentioned at the opening scene of The Builders.

Answer: 16 Elwood Avenue

Polly is supposed to be an art student in Fawlty Towers, but what was she in the pilot episode?

Answer: Philosophy Student

What are the first names of the elderly ladies (Miss Gatsby and Miss Tibbs) who are permanent residents at Fawlty Towers?

Answer: Ursula and Abitha

What is the very final line in Fawlty Towers (at the close of Basil The Rat)?

Answer: “I’m afraid it’s started to rain again.”

A Touch of Class

Lord Melbury intends to con Basil out of his collection of what?

Answer: Coins

The Builders

At the very end of this episode, Basil announces he is fleeing to which country?

Answer: Canada

The Wedding Party

Manuel tells us about his family back in Barcelona, but which is correct?

Answer: 5 brothers, 4 sisters

The Hotel Inspectors

Why is Mr Walt in Torquay?

Answer: For the exhibition

Gourmet Night

What is the name of the Greek chef who ends up drunk and incapable?

Answer: Kurt

What day of the week does Basil say is best to hold his Gourmet Night?

Answer: Thursday

Why is Polly asking the rest of the staff to join her in a celebration drink?

Answer: She has sold a sketch

Which guest is served raw mullet?

Answer: Mrs Hall

The Germans

How many eggs mayonnaise did the Germans order?

Answer: Two

Communication Problems

How much does Mrs Richards say she paid for her room (not including Value Added Tax)?

Answer: £7.20

What is Mrs Richards’ (the deaf old bat) first name?

Answer: Alice

In this episode, Manuel tells Mrs Richards that Basil is from?

Answer: Swanage

On what notable day does Communication Problems take place on?

Answer: St George's Day

What is the name of the horse that Basil has a win on?

Answer: Dragonfly

Mrs Richards gets a telephone call about the house she is trying to sell, where is it?

Answer: Brighton

What great sight is not mentioned by Basil Fawlty when he talks to Mrs Richards?

Answer: The Great Pyramid of Kheops

The Psychiatrist

What is the name of the Welsh restaurant recommended to Raylene Miles by Basil?

Answer: Leek House

How old is Mr Johnson's mother in The Psychiatrist?

Answer: 77

In the opening scene, Basil is complaining to the telephone operator that he can't get through to which of the following?

Answer: The Speaking Clock

Waldorf Salad

What is Mr Hamilton's (who wants a Waldorf Salad) first name?

Answer: Harry

How much does Basil get offered to keep the chef back to cook for the American guests?

Answer: 20

What Harold Robbins novel is Sybil Fawlty reading in the dining room?

Answer: Never Love a Stranger

For how many years does Basil say the Major has been a resident for?

Answer: 7 years

Which motorway does Mr Hamilton refer to as a "backstreet"?

Answer: The M5

When Basil asks him to work overtime to cook dinner for Mr & Mrs Hamilton, where does Terry the Chef say he is just about to go to?

Answer: His karate class

How long does Mrs Hamilton say she has lived in the USA for?

Answer: Ten years

The Kipper and the Corpse

What is the name of the dog that bites Manuel and Polly?

Answer: Prince

What newspaper does Mr Leeman request along with his breakfast in bed?

Answer: The Telegraph

The Anniversary

What is the date of the Fawlty’s wedding anniversary?

Answer: 17 April

How many turn up for Basil and Sybil’s party?

Answer: Three couples

Basil the Rat

What colour of cage is Manuel’s pet “hamster” kept in?

Answer: Lime Green

What was Major Gowen supposed to be shooting outside the window?

Answer: A Starling

According to Sybil’s mother, how did Basil and Sybil get together?

Answer: Black Magic

What does Basil say Sybil’s specialist subject on Mastermind should be?

Answer: The Bleedin' Obvious

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