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Fawlty Towers sites

Tribute sites dedicated to one of the all-time greatest examples of British television comedy. No, it's not the Vicar of Diddley or whatever it was called; it's Fawlty Towers! Get in touch if you would like your Fawlty Towers website listed here.

Have a Fawlty Towers Wedding Day!

Have "Basil Fawlty" (Impersonator, Ed Wells) as the Maitre d' hotel, and/or Toastmaster, in his managerial capacity, oversee your special event, in a venue of your choice. From formal introductions as a toastmaster, meeting and greeting at your reception, to a full on "Basil" performance around the tables, during the wedding breakfast! For full details see Fawlty Towers Wedding Day.

Fawlty Towers Online

Nice site — very attractive graphically — Fawlty Towers Online is created by graphic designer Simon Barclay and includes a slide show of Fawlty Towers screen grabs, desktop wallpapers etc, in addition to the usual episode and cast details.

40 Towers

40towers is a professional site where you can even buy an exclusive Fawlty Towers t-shirt or mouse mat!


Laughlines’ Fawlty Towers tribute show is ideal for corporate, public and private events. They entertain your guests the moment they walk through the door! Experience classic sketches from this acclaimed cast from a special meet & greet service to Basil & Manuel’s Flamenco Masterclass they will have you reeling with laughter right to the very end!

The Unofficial Guide to Fawlty Towers

The Unofficial Guide to Fawlty Towers is one of the best for content, covering just about everything connected to the show. Not been updated for a few years, though.

Fawlty Towers Re-Incarnated In Counter-Strike!

Fawlty Towers in Counter-Strike screenshot

Fawlty Towers has been brought back to life digitally as an add-on or "mod" for the popular first-person shooter game Counter-Strike. You can download Kevin De Smet's brilliant project here.

Other Sites

These are sites which are dedicated to a particular comedy series, actor, character or niche market. Get in touch if you would like your website listed here.

Also listed are sites which feature guides and information on several comedy shows.


Steve Lilly of Stevelilart does really high quality pencil artwork featuring many British comedy shows. You can buy original artwork, limited edition prints or commission your own bespoke drawing for a special occasion.

Harry and Wilf

Harry and Wilf is the only website dedicated to actors Harry H. Corbett O.B.E and Wilfrid Brambell probably best known for playing Steptoe and Son.

Albert and Harold

Steptoe and Son — A tribute site to the world's most famous rag and bone men.

On The Buses

The official On The Buses appreciation society and discussion forums for the classic 1970s bus driving comedy, starring Reg Varney and Bob Grant.

On the Buses Fan Club

British Comedy Autographs For Sale

British Comedy Autographs specialise in British comedy but there are lots more categories catered for, they are based in the UK.

The British Sitcom Guide

The British Sitcom Guide is an online reference for fans of UK situation comedy. It now features information on more than 150 British sitcoms and still growing. They are aiming to eventually provide show, episode and character guides for every British sitcom programme ever made! Very comprehensive site — Recommended.

Old TV

Old TV is a directory which simply links to dozens of old (i.e. classic) TV shows arranged into categories such as Action, Detective, Western, Sci-Fi, and of course Comedy.

Real life Fawlty Towers

Fawlty Towers has inspired the creation of several real Fawlty Towers hotels dotted around the globe; there are a few in Africa, Australia, the USA and elsewhere. Any further information or photos etc would be very welcome.

Florida, USA

Fawlty Towers Resort is in Cocoa Beach, Florida USA. 200 yards from the beach, 15 minutes away from Kennedy Space Center and one hour from Orlando. There’s a lush tropical garden surrounding the heated pool and spa with its authentic “Tiki Bar.

Rome, Italy

Hotel Fawlty Towers is a 2-star hotel and hostel in Rome, Italy — this one looks more like what we in the UK would call a youth hostel.

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Southern China

Frank Fanning spotted a Fawlty Towers in China: "Passing through Guangxi in southern China a few weeks ago I saw a Fawlty Towers Hotel in the little village of Yangshuo, somewhat south-southeast of Guilin." The hotel's owner [he now calls himself Basil] had this to say: "A British guy brought me all of the Fawlty Towers episodes on tape, and I was so inspired I opened my own hotel." This hotel did have a website at one time, the site is gone as at December 2009, not sure about the hotel itself.